Monday, August 17, 2015

My finished East Central IL Shop Hop Quilt from 2012. I got half the blocks pieced right away and then put the whole thing away. This year I was determined to get this done. Thank goodness I had bought some extra yardage since I decided to set the blocks this way, but I still didn't have enough of the cream, so I had to look for it. After ordering the wrong color, I started calling area shops and found one that still carried it. Thanks, Stitch and Sew in Arthur, IL! I'm holding the quilt with my brother John who was the recipient of it, along with his wife Kris. It now adorns their lovely home.

I labeled that quilt, explaining some about the Shop Hop. Sorry you have to get a crick in your neck to read it.

These are some purses I made from neckties for my sister-in-law Chris from her father's neckties. I have started making more since there are a lot of girls in that family! Stay tuned for more photos.

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  1. you have done such beautiful work and I wonder how long you have been doing it,