Thursday, January 26, 2023

Shades of Blue

My day for the Shades of Blue Sew It/Show It challenge hosted by Carla of Creatin in the Sticks.
When I first thought about participating, I decided a zipper bag would be neat, using scraps on hand. I cut scraps into strips of various widths (1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0...up to 5.0") and also into squares of those sizes. So, I looked through some of my strips and came up with several that I thought worked for the needed shades of blue. I stitched them together, and my zipper bag was born.
On the front, I stitched darkest in the middle and lighter out to the sides.
I liked the added yellow appliqued hearts.

On the back, I stitched light to dark, going both directions.

The lining has some blue too--a scrap of penguin fabric. 

Next, I decided to make a paper-pieced log cabin pin cushion, Carla-fashion.
I love seeing the pin cushions Carla makes for her various challenges and thought I would imitate that.
So the shades of blue pin cushion came about. It is stuffed with walnut shells and fiber fill.
Thanks, Carla, for that inspiration!! I love my blue pin cushion!

Here is the back--simple blue strips.

I made the pins by gluing buttons onto needles. Cute, aren't they?

I thought I'd show a couple blue quilts I've made in the past.
This one was a Craftsy 2013 or 2014 BOM. Many of the fabrics I used were those used by an aunt in various garments she had made for others, so when I finished the quilt, I gave it to a cousin so she could remember her mother every time she looked at this quilt.

I even made giant quilt blocks for the back. Not sure why I was that ambitious then, but there it is.
Lots of blues in this quilt.

This wall hanging is in my daughter's stairway. I made is about 5 years ago, I guess. The pattern is called Waterfall, by Leah Day

The same daughter also received this jelly roll race I made for her, also several years ago. I'm pretty sure those are scrappy strips, not an actual jelly roll.

Last month I showed this little quilt on my blog. I used the various blues because of this challenge, but it was my Crafter's Edge project in December. The animals are all cut from Crafter's Edge dies on the Crossover II cutting machine.

Thanks for visiting!

Here is the line-up for the week. If you haven't visited the rest of the bloggers, be sure to do so for some inspiration, and prepared to be awestruck--I always am.
Thanks, Carla, for a wonderful challenge!

Monday, January 23rd

Saturday, December 24, 2022

December Crafter's Edge Project


This is my December project for Crafter's Edge as a part of their Design Team.
It is a baby quilt, about 40 x 40", and will go to a youngster in our congregation.

Using the Crossover II as my cutting machine, I used the Funny Monkey, Cute Fox, Sheldon the Turtle, Bumblebee, and Whimsical Sheep. At the time I started the appliques, I wasn't sure what other fabrics I would use, but when Carla announced her Shade of Blue Challenge for January, I decided to use 3 different blues. So, even though this is too early for the hop, I will probably show it again on my day. Hee, hee! I still plan to make something else since I have more time.

Here is the Crossover II, available on the Crafter's Edge website.

These are the dies:

Here's another view on our living room chaise lounge--you can see some of the quilting better.

I couldn't resist showing you the little flying squirrel lovey I made for our youngest granddaughter's 1st birthday. It is a free pattern from Abby Glassenberg for Wild Olive.

And here is that little scoot, stepping on that box to look out her window. She's a sweetie!

Thanks, Crafter's Edge for allowing me to spend 2 years on your design team!
This is my last official project for them, but when I use their dies in future projects, I will be sure to give them credit!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Chocolate Dipped Cookies


So, after joining this hop, I had to look for a cookie recipe that was different from what I have done before. I had saved this one--it looked simple but good--how can you go wrong with chocolate, right?

Cream butter, sugar

Mix dry ingredients and add a little at a time.

It forms a VERY stiff dough. I took a picture but decided it didn't look very appetizing, so chose not to include it. LOL. (Use your imagination, if you want.)
Divide the dough into 2 parts and roll into tubes.

Refrigerate the dough for a few hours. Then unwrap and slice. 
Put on cookie sheet and bake.

Next, dip into melted chocolate. I love my Wilton chocolate pot and
Ghirardelli double chocolate candy wafers.
Sprinkle on the sprinkles. Don't they look yummy?

You know, they really were simple to make and they taste good too.
I'll be making these again.

We made this little tree project at Quilt Club last time. It involves squares of different sizes, from 3" to 10". The pattern is called Folded Christmas Tree and comes from Quilt Corner, in Morton, IL.

Enjoy the rest of the hop! 
Thanks, Carol, for hosting!
Here's the list!

December 5

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

November project for Crafter's Edge

 I'm sliding in under the wire for my November project, and there is no good reason--except that I haven't put the photos on my blog.

I made a banner using the Christmas stocking die set and the Whimsical Christmas tree die set.

Here is the banner in its entirety. 
Using the Crafter's Edge Crossover II and the die sets I mentioned, I cut out the stockings and tree.

I cut everything out of felt and handstitched all the pieces together. 
Then using a piece of red rattail, I stitched the stockings and tree in place so they can be hung from a railing or fireplace. 

This was a fun project. I enjoy having handstitching to do in the evenings when the TV is on.
Thanks, Crafter's Edge for having me on your Design Team this year!

Friday, November 18, 2022

The Piano Quilt is done


It's done. My own grand piano. :) 
I quilted a piano key border and then made the rose, leaves, and stem according to the directions in the pattern. I'm not really pleased with the rose or the leaves, but there they are, and they look pretty good from a distance.

Here's a closer look. Maybe I needed more length for the rose, but I really think the trouble was my fingers and hands, not the rose itself. It was hard to stitch it together underneath. And I seriously don't like the leaves. If I do them over again, I will cut out the leaf shapes, stitch front and back together, turn them right side out, and then slip them under the stem. I made a black binding, as the pattern directed, although I pondered a red one. Then I decided red might distract too much from the piano itself, so black it is.

Overall, I'm happy with it, and with all the projects I have lined up to do, the leaves will probably never get redone. LOL.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Music, music, music

 Today is my turn to show the musical projects I have created. Thank you, Carla, of Creatin' in the Sticks, for hosting this hop. Yesterday I saw some fabulous projects, and I'm eager to see everyone else's!

I am upset with myself for not being able to finish my project, but with life getting in the way, it just didn't quite happen. 
This is The Piano Quilt, designed by Pam Booras. It's about 30 x 30".
I have the inside all quilted but couldn't get to the border or the binding. Being gone all weekend long didn't help.  At least you can see what I've done so far. 

The quilting is a flower design, maybe kind of like roses?? I will be making a 3-D red rose to sit on the piano after I finish quilting and binding it.

I play the piano but I don't have a grand. When I saw this pattern several years ago, I had to have it, and when Carla announced this hop, I knew what I would make. It will be done in another day or 2. :)

I have done a few other musically themed things in the past:

This musical 3-panel number sits on my piano sometimes, especially around Valentine's Day.

The above is from DIY (Frond Designs) in Webster Grove, MO--a row by row the year the theme was music. Sadly, that shop isn't open anymore, but Frond Designs is alive and well in Iowa.

I made up this Amazing Grace panel several years ago for our church district auction, and then made another to hang in my own church.

Don't forget to visit everyone else and see what they've been up to!