Sunday, March 3, 2019

Quilt Retreat

Five of us made it to our annual quilt retreat at Threads of Time in Danville, IL, down from our original 10. We have been having a great time, as usual. We really enjoy coming here, with the quilt shop connected to the retreat center and the ability to roam in and out when the shop is open. Best of all is the chance to be together and have fun!
Below is Nanette on the left, and I am on the right.

Here's Rosie, working on a quilt for her grandson's high school graduation gift.

Sharon's working on some applique for placemats.

Nanette's top-stitching the edge of a table runner.

Becky's fighting her way through the directions of the Tool Tote.

I'm working on strings for Carla's hop later this month--oh, oh, maybe you shouldn't see this--pretend you didn't--it's not quite finished though. And I'm working on another string project too...

I brought only my assorted strips and 5" squares that I have cut from scraps to try to use up--ha, ha, ha!!--I could sew for a week or 2 to get them used up, I'm thinking at this point. That's not even dealing with other squares I have that are different sizes... Maybe I'll make a dent??? One can only hope.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Projects with Chris

Chris and I did a 5 shop hop a few days ago, and she found fabric she wanted to use for a table runner to match her Fiesta-ware dishes. Chris hasn't sewn for years (although she used to) and asked me to show her how to do the "10 Minute" table runner and coasters. The print was 108" wide backing fabric so we just got 1/3 yd. Made use of all but a short 5" strip.

Here are her finished products: 

She also bought fabric for 2 pillow cases which she made under my tutelage.
Here's one of them. Forgot to get pics of both when finished. 

On one of our daily walks, we saw this heron sunning itself--barking dogs, passers-by, and kids didn't phase it. 

This is our view from the bridge on our walks: 

End of table runner story: we went back to the shop yesterday where Chris got the table runner fabrics (A Quilter's Oasis in Mesa--lovely shop!) and she bought more of both fabrics to make some more things after she gets home to MO. She says she is not going to become addicted... I'm taking bets.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Time Gets Away from Me

I'm long past due for a post, but I've been busy!
We had our entire family home right after Christmas, fun times, including some games of Twister and family time playing Christmas carols!

We got a goodie box from Aunt Sandra and Uncle John. 

I made several of these zippered candy bags.

My totally finished Missouri Star Binding Tool Star Quilt. It got a first place in our county HCE craft show this month. 

We've been to New Orleans to attend a lovely wedding. It was my first time there. Loved the French Quarter and visiting with my niece as well. We'll go back. 

I made a shamrock table runner. This will be the lesson for our Cerro Gordo Quilters group in February. It's based on a shamrock table runner by Joan Ford of but I did some change-ups to makeit mine. 

Had some snow and hoar frost: 

Cerro Gordo Quilters put together 15 fidget blankets for nursing home residents who have dementia. 

Then we headed off to sunny Arizona: Tempe with Alan (my brother) and Chris.

Uncle Glen with our great-nephew 

Then to Fountain Hills with Sandra (Glen's sister) and John. This is in McDowell Mtn Regional Park, a favorite spot. 

Not much sewing is getting done here. Have worked some with the mini-curves ruler but won't even get that project done, even with my machine here. Too busy with other things. We're thankful to miss out on the extreme cold of the Midwest right now.

Looking forward to Carla's new hop!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Down to the wire?

Here's Marbella, month 6. We are doing a mystery quilt at Stewart's Sewing too, and I still need to get this month's work done. Too busy doing a few projects for Christmas presents that I am not revealing at this point...

I did get the final block of Merry and Bright finished too. When will I put the whole thing together???

I've been trying to get done quilting this thing so we could use it before Christmas is over--it's the Binding Tool Star from MSQC. I am finished quilting--yay--and was working on the binding in this picture. I actually did finish it last night and will post a finished pic soon.

Today's sewing will be those Christmas projects and then it will be time to clean up the sewing room so some of my kids can stay in there when they come next week. Now, that clean up will be a major project in itself!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Blocks are almost all done--now to put it together

The Merry and Bright blocks are almost all finished! Yea! I only have block 17 left to sew (it's cut out) and then I need to put the whole thing together. The 18 setting blocks are finished too. Easy-peasy, right? Ha, ha, ha... finding the time between other projects is the key.
(I should have cropped this one before putting it on here, but...)

These blocks are month 5 of the Marbella BOM through my LQS, Stewart's Sewing in Mt. Zion, IL. I'm all caught up with them and ready for month 6 (maybe tomorrow). Love these colors!

I really like doing these BOWs and BOMs but they take time away from other stuff I want/need to do. Dilemma....

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Merry and Bright 15

Here's block 15 of Merry and Bright--haven't gotten to 14 yet--being gone a week puts one behind a bit. This was was easier to think about with only 2 colors. Fourteen has 3 colors to decide on.

Got to visit this little sweetie (baby) yesterday. That's Lynnlee, born on the 8th. Her big sister is Elsie and that's a proud aunt holding her. Lynnlee is a doll-baby. Took her a cute little blanket and matching hat. Made Elsie some doll clothes, none of which I took pictures of, silly me.

Hope to start quilting my Christmas binding tool star quilt (MSQC pattern) today. I'd really like to have it out during the Christmas season.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Pick a Pumpkin--My Turn

Well, it's my turn today in Carla's fantastic hop. I have seen some fantastic projects! What an inspiration these hops are. 

First off, I  thought I'd show you some other kinds of pumpkins. We decorated our church for last weekend's hosting of our IL/WI district conference. Below are some of our decorations.

The photos below are at church too but those pumpkins are some I made a few years ago. I made more but gave most away. Glad I kept a couple of them.

This photo is at the entrance to our home. I made the small wall hanging a number of years ago (It's a Debbie Mumm design) but never did quilt it. It looks fine anyway.

Thought I'd show you a couple of my little "pumpkins" when we took them "trunk or treating" at the preschool. Amelia is 5 and Camella is 3. Their parents were out of town so we got to watch them.

Now on to my project for this hop...
I had seen a quilt with the pumpkin made in strips but stitched into the background strips. In fact, yesterday's blogger, Kathy of Hazel’s Daughter created a table topper much like that quilt. I didn't want a quilt--I wanted a wall hanging about 30" square--so I took scrap orange 2.5" strips and stitched them together until I had something about the right size, drew a pumpkin shape, and cut it out. Then I stitched background 2.5" strips together until I had a big enough background. I cut a stem from a scrap of brown. Then I appliqued the pumpkin onto the background. I used scraps of green to cut a leaf and curly tendrils. I used my Go Baby Accuquilt cutter for the blackbirds. My walking foot did the quilting and more leftover 2.5" strips made the binding.

Many thanks to Carla for hosting this wonderful hop! Enjoy all the other hoppers!
Here is today's round-up: