Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Delightful Stars

This is last week's lesson for Delightful Stars. I'm ready to start on this week's today.
I like the orange against the black background--not a color choice I use very often but it turned out well.
I started making "practice" blocks after Kathy mentioned how much easier it made the "real" blocks.
These are the 1st four of those. Most of them were catch-up, so not really practice. From now on, I'll use muslin and scraps to practice the technique for the week and then I'll use my batiks and black background.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Aiming for Accuracy--Delightful Stars

Four of us from the Cerro Gordo, IL, Quilt Club are participating in Michele Foster's (Quilting Gallery) Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-along, using her design "Delightful Stars."
I think it is amazing that FOUR women from a small town of 1500 are doing this--and we didn't even know Terry Sue was in on it until we saw her comments. We are: Carol (that's me), Kathy, Betty Sue, and Terry Sue.
Below are my first 3 star blocks.

Kathy is making 2 quilts, one being a practice quilt and the other the "real" deal. I think they will both be great when they are done! I decided to follow her example (belatedly) and now have 1 of the 3 done, using muslin for the background/contrast--so far anyway--and scraps for the other pieces. That's what Kathy's doing too. It will be fun to see what all our quilts look like when they are finished!
Thanks, Michele Foster! I'm looking forward to each lesson! (and am I ever glad I am retired so I have more time to do this!)