Friday, May 1, 2020

Masks and More Masks

Mostly what I have made in the past month and a half is masks:

That's not even all of them--I quit taking pictures after awhile. So far, over 335 and still counting.
I don't mind making them but they sure cut into other projects.

Right after making 1 batch of masks, I finished this little bargello--it's another Patty Dudek, of Elm Street Quilts, pattern--the Baby B.
 This will go to a fundraiser, whenever they get to have it.

I also managed to make a denim purse for myself. 
 It is the Flip Flap Bag by Whistlepig Creek Productions.
I had made one from quilting cottons before and wanted one out of some of the old jeans I've been saving, so took the time to make it.

I've also managed another project in between masks, but will save it until I at least have it all stitched together. It's on my design wall, waiting...