Sunday, February 3, 2019

Projects with Chris

Chris and I did a 5 shop hop a few days ago, and she found fabric she wanted to use for a table runner to match her Fiesta-ware dishes. Chris hasn't sewn for years (although she used to) and asked me to show her how to do the "10 Minute" table runner and coasters. The print was 108" wide backing fabric so we just got 1/3 yd. Made use of all but a short 5" strip.

Here are her finished products: 

She also bought fabric for 2 pillow cases which she made under my tutelage.
Here's one of them. Forgot to get pics of both when finished. 

On one of our daily walks, we saw this heron sunning itself--barking dogs, passers-by, and kids didn't phase it. 

This is our view from the bridge on our walks: 

End of table runner story: we went back to the shop yesterday where Chris got the table runner fabrics (A Quilter's Oasis in Mesa--lovely shop!) and she bought more of both fabrics to make some more things after she gets home to MO. She says she is not going to become addicted... I'm taking bets.