Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Recent Achievements

Early last week (I think) I FINALLY finished quilting the last block of the Thimbleberries Vintage Stitches blocks that I had inherited and had wanted to finish. This included figuring out my own patterns for over half the blocks, hand embroidering 9 of the centers myself, designing patchwork for 4 other centers, and finding matching fabrics. This is the last of the 20. Now I am trimming them and then will sash them together to finish the quilt. Other projects get in the way, so it's a slow process, but I can now see the end of it. Woohoo!

A few years ago, I bought Accidental Landscapes by Karen Eckmeier at 3 Dudes Quilt Shop in Phoenix. This month I made a small landscape from that book. I love the desert scene based on the Sonoran Desert. 

Here's my finished Christmas tree runner, all FMQed.

The biggest achievement of all was my brother Alan's retirement from over 40 years work in mental health services. He has been CEO and president of ReDiscover in Lee's Summit, MO, for 24 years, and worked in Phoenix before that. Left to right are my husband Glen, me, Alan, his wife Chris, and another brother Ron. We have 2 more brothers, one of which has yet to retire (this summer), and then we will all be retired. :) Congratulations to Alan!