Thursday, January 31, 2019

Time Gets Away from Me

I'm long past due for a post, but I've been busy!
We had our entire family home right after Christmas, fun times, including some games of Twister and family time playing Christmas carols!

We got a goodie box from Aunt Sandra and Uncle John. 

I made several of these zippered candy bags.

My totally finished Missouri Star Binding Tool Star Quilt. It got a first place in our county HCE craft show this month. 

We've been to New Orleans to attend a lovely wedding. It was my first time there. Loved the French Quarter and visiting with my niece as well. We'll go back. 

I made a shamrock table runner. This will be the lesson for our Cerro Gordo Quilters group in February. It's based on a shamrock table runner by Joan Ford of but I did some change-ups to makeit mine. 

Had some snow and hoar frost: 

Cerro Gordo Quilters put together 15 fidget blankets for nursing home residents who have dementia. 

Then we headed off to sunny Arizona: Tempe with Alan (my brother) and Chris.

Uncle Glen with our great-nephew 

Then to Fountain Hills with Sandra (Glen's sister) and John. This is in McDowell Mtn Regional Park, a favorite spot. 

Not much sewing is getting done here. Have worked some with the mini-curves ruler but won't even get that project done, even with my machine here. Too busy with other things. We're thankful to miss out on the extreme cold of the Midwest right now.

Looking forward to Carla's new hop!