Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Quilts I've Seen

 We were at our Church of the Brethren Annual Conference over the 4th of July, and here is some of what I observed in the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Association for the Arts Church of the Brethren asks for blocks from each congregation. I have made the violets each year since at least 2011 for inclusion in each year's wall hangings. Five or 6 wall hangings are all hand quilted at conference each year. This one is still on the quilt frame.
Below are a few of the other wall hangings:

On a wall of the convention center, I notice this layered piece:

It is made of fabrics, yet stiffened to be 3D with the inserts in the "windows" of each block.

One booth in the exhibit hall featured an antique quilt--beautiful work!

This table runner was a silent auction item--I was fascinated with the hexies that were laid in the grid and then the quilting being so precise. Lovely--maybe I'll try keeping something that straight sometime. LOL.

I haven't finished much lately--with conference, going last week to help out with the grands, and having grands this week, not much stitching gets done.