Sunday, January 26, 2014

She Who Sews--my turn--January 27

Today is the first day of She Who Sews blog hop and I get to share first--talk about pressure! (Wink, wink!) Many thanks to Madame Samm for her creativity and to our cheerleader Carla for seeing after us!
After seeing a thread catcher in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, I decided I would make one, having never had one before. BUT, the thread catcher sat on the table, and I wanted it to hang OFF the table--time to put on my thinking cap!
What you see below is the finished product. (Now, I won't hang it there--it will be in the way--but the right side of my machine is too cluttered--what? was this hop about organizing?-- to have IT on display for all to see.)
And this is what it looks like lying flat.

Below you see the pieces are apart. I sewed the flat back to connect the thread catcher to a pin cushion.
The pin cushion is a tube I filled with crushed walnut shells. A scrap of batting is on each end of the tube to keep the shells from leaking out. Then I put Velcro on all the pieces. I thought there might be times I would want the pin cushion or thread catcher separated from the rest. If I make another thread catcher, I will make it a little shorter--this one seems awfully tall (7 or 8").

I also made a cozy for a coffee or tea cup. We were to have that lesson at our Quilt Club meeting this month (cancelled because of weather) so I made one anyway out of the Handmaids fabric.
Now, I don't have the right kind of cup for it, thus the one you see.
In the background I displayed the Handmaids fabric, my pincushion separated from the thread catcher, and a mug mat I made for the Be a Hexie Queen blog hop last year. (That was a fun hop too.)
Lastly, I made a wall hanging--not organizational, I know, but, gee, it looks nice on my sewing room wall!

Thanks again to Carla and to Madame Samm!
Please visit everyone else today and see the wonderful things they have made.

January 27th

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

She Who Sews schedule

It's almost time for the next blog hop to start (at least the next one I am in)! I will be showing my creations on the very first day: January 27. Sew come back and see what I have done!
Here's the complete schedule (I hope) for both She Who Sews and Don't Let the Door Stop You. They are going on at the same time. Thanks to our cheerleader Carla and to Madame Samm!
She Who Sews
Blog Hop
January 27th
 Just Sew Quilter You are here!
The Cosmic Quilter

January 31
 Grandmama's Stories

February 4th
I Piece 2 Mary

February 6th
We'll have lots of fun, so be sure to visit everyone each day!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's finished!

After I took the Christmas decorations down, I decided to hang some of the old quilts I have. Our loft makes a perfect display area. I particularly love the log cabin quilt.
Unfortunately, we don't know who made any of these. We suspect it may have been my husband's grandmother Lula Worrall Kussart, but none of her grandchildren remember seeing her quilt--she knitted all the time. It could have been her mother Eva Miller Worrall, but we don't know. Very unfortunate! The people who would know are dead.
Lesson: Sign your quilts!
Below is the label I made on my machine for my newly finished quilt. I spent last week machine quilting it on my home sewing machine. It is twin-size. After experimenting with some FMQ in the ditches on 3 blocks, I tore that all out and stuck with the walking foot for the whole thing.
I wanted all straight line since it seemed appropriate for this quilt. In some of the more open areas, I quilted straight lines, triangles and even squares.

It's hard to see the quilting, and the view is somewhat skewed since I had to take the picture from our loft. I like the brown binding. It pulls out the brown in the quilt.
This quilt was a great learning experience-thanks Michele Foster!

Now I'm ready to begin on Michele's new Aiming for Accuracy quilt--Delightful Stars!