Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Delightful Stars

This is last week's lesson for Delightful Stars. I'm ready to start on this week's today.
I like the orange against the black background--not a color choice I use very often but it turned out well.
I started making "practice" blocks after Kathy mentioned how much easier it made the "real" blocks.
These are the 1st four of those. Most of them were catch-up, so not really practice. From now on, I'll use muslin and scraps to practice the technique for the week and then I'll use my batiks and black background.

1 comment:

  1. The scrappy quilts have a whole different feel, but I really like them--more like an everyday quilt versus a quilt on the guest bed feeling. I'm going to love both of them. Have you started on the Leah Day quilt-along yet? I've made the first block and practiced the quilting for the 1st, but I haven't done any actual quilting yet. I think the large size quilt patterns are harder than doing fmq on a smaller scale.

    Your scrappy quilt is going to look great!