Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Accidental Landscapes

The picture needs cropped, I know, but it took me long enough to find it, let alone edit it. :) Anyway, last year I did this desert scene, thanks to Karen Eckmeier and her book Accidental Landscapes. Also thanks to the now closed 3 Dudes Quilt Shop for the fabrics. (Ok, so it was a year after I got the fabrics before I made the landscape...)

I decided to teach an accidental landscape lesson to our quilt group, Cerro Gordo Quilters, so I needed to make another, and here is the mountain scene that resulted.

In order to have a work in process, I started this beach one for our lesson night. 
It's finished now. I didn't realize this photo was so dark until just now...

Last week was the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference. Congregations are asked to send in quilt blocks and the wall hanging tops are put together prior to conference and hand quilted AT conference. Then they are auctioned off with the proceeds going to hunger relief. These are the 5 lovely wall hangings for 2019.
I love the sunblock in this one--from Papago Buttes Church of the Brethren in Scottsdale, AZ. 

I made the purple violets for our congregation in Cerro Gordo, IL. I make the same one every year.
I really like the star in the upper left corner, but I forget which congregation it is from. 
The tulip in the upper left corner of this green one is gorgeous. Again, I forget where it is from. 
And there's an accidental landscape in this wall hanging!
Two of these were purchased and donated back twice--that means they were sold 3 times. Almost all of them brought good prices and over $7400 was raised.
Many, many congregations did not send a block--this needs to be promoted more, and I'll be doing that in Illinois for 2020!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I just love your landscape scenes...fabulous