Sunday, June 21, 2020

Recent Finishes

Ok, maybe just one finish since the other doesn't seem to have synced from my phone to the computer...
This is my COVID-19 quilt. It is made from some of the scraps of the masks I have made. The blocks ended up being 10 1/2" finished and the sashing is 2 1/2" strips. The border is slightly wider, I don't remember now, maybe 4" strips.

I used a circle ruler and quilted it to look like the virus. Around the border, I added important figures and dates for the US and for IL. You can see the 100,000 deaths date below. I still have room on the top border for a few more dates so my hanging sleeve is not stitched down yet, but you can't see that anyway.

I also stitched COVID-19 in every block in one circle.
I about wore my hands out keeping that ruler in place, even though it was not slippery, for all those circles! I have sticky dots--there is still enough movement that I had to hold the ruler tightly. 

I'm looking forward to another hop:
My day is July 31. 

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