Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Time

Kathy in her blog, Just Quilt It, inspired me to share some of the gifts I made for this Christmas season. It was a full several days with a wedding to start our festivities. I showed a photo earlier of the table runner I made for Andrew and Marie. Here they are with their gift. They really like it.
Kathy also inspired me to make aprons for my daughters, but then the project kind of snowballed. I made one for myself, then for Sarah and Natalie. Since the granddaughters like to help them bake, I thought they needed their own aprons too, to match their moms'. Then I realized our grandson needed one since he likes to help as well and the sons-in-law have to have them too. They cook a lot. We are all decked out in our Christmas aprons. The girls and I all have church lady aprons, reversible. I created the guys' aprons to be more like the chef apron style.

I made several different doll outfits for both the little girls. This is the only 1 I took a picture of, silly me. I also made rag quilts for Hailey and Harper and matching doll quilts, but didn't get photos of them either. Their parents are going to have to do that for me.

I love Christmas because of time we get to spend with family which adds special meaning to the season. Getting to make gifts for them is an extra bonus.
I hope all had a very merry Christmas and remembered the message of the Christ. May his blessings be on us all in 2014.


  1. Goodness, you were busy! Love the aprons!

  2. The aprons look great, Carol. I ended up making 5. They go so quickly after you get started. I'm hoping to get some more made, but not until after I make a few hats and get started on the quilt-along.