Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some pictures of presents

I decided to put up some photos of a few of the presents I made for Christmas.
Below is a photo of our 3 granddaughters with matching skirts. I made another set for all 3 of them and another matching set for the 2 girls that are sisters.

This shows Matt with a lap quilt I made for Sarah and Matt. I used a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern that I got from one of their Block magazines, and a layer cake. The stars are made with some fabric I already had.
 This is a lap quilt for Natalie and Todd. I just did the jellyroll race. There is some stitch in the ditch and some decorative stitching (both quilts have some decorative stitching for part of the quilting).
I also made sets of placemats for both daughters but those pictures must still be on my phone.
I finished quilting the Delightful Stars quilt--what a monster that was--and it was a reminder to me to never try quilting such a huge project on my home machine again!!! Pictures another day.
I spent yesterday cutting up scraps into squares, rectangles, and strips. Some of my bins are getting pretty full so it must be time to use some of those squares. :)

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