Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gifting the Delightful Stars Quilt

Here are my sister-in-law and her husband opening up their quilt for the first time. They loved it--sent photos to friends and relatives and had the next-door neighbor come over to see it. She loved it too. I value her opinion since she is an artist--she said that I have a really good color sense. For someone who thinks she has no talent for drawing or painting, I am thankful to know I have some artistic sense. :)
Sandra and John are going to purchase a new queen-sized bed in the near future and will use the quilt on their bed then.
I brought some sewing work to AZ with me--some placemats to sew, a one-block wonder to work on, and some embroidery.
I also have visited 3 quilt shops in the area--each different, of course--and purchased something at each one, of course. :) One of the shops must have 10,000 bolts and all fabric is $7 per yard. Wow! I might go back next week when they are having a sale...

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