Friday, December 8, 2017

Works in Progress

Guess it's time I shared something--hope my daughters aren't looking at this blog post!!
I've been making placemats for them for Christmas, 2 sets of 8. One is the circles below. I used used decorative stitching for the quilting. This one in the photo may only have part of the lines, but I ended up quilting every seam, and they are actually done.

The placemats below are from a pattern I just got recently--Curve Appeal by Tiger Lily Press. I love the batik I found that has stripes of color running width-wise--perfect for this pattern. The quilting is not done in this picture, but I followed the curves with my walking foot.

I have one of these Spicy Spiral Runners quilted--the front one--in the ditch. Haven't decided what to do with the purple one yet.

I'm doing quilt-as-you-go with this quilt and have 7 or 8 of 20 blocks quilted so far--each one different.

Saw Geta Grama do this mat on her blog so thought I'd try it on my own--not too bad, huh? I like the snow people on each circle. I used my small Corelle plate for my circle, about 7" in diameter.

Thought I'd show off my new nativity, on the left in the photo below. It's from Zambia and different from any other that I have. The one on the right was carved for me by my brother-in-law John a couple years ago. He carves exquisitely--I don't know how he does it.

Below on the left is a nativity from Nepal that I've had for several years, but when I saw the Yeti ornament, I had to buy it to go with this nativity. It seemed appropriate, somehow. 😉

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!!

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