Monday, January 1, 2018

Blog Hop and WIP

We had a lovely family Christmas Dec. 27 - 30 at our daughter's in St. Louis. Here is the whole bunch, minus Natalie who took the pic.

I'm participating in this hop--have a heart on one thing (see photo below) so far.

My goal for this week is to finish this wall hanging. I love nativities, and I love this pattern so much, I bought it twice (yikes)! There's something to be said for keeping a list of you already own... Anyway, the only applique left to do is all the black (lots of little things), and then I will be able to put it together and quilt it. The end is in sight! Yoohoo!
Happy 2018--may it truly be a prosperous year!

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  1. I've bought patterns twice, too. It makes me laugh when I do that! I love that nativity wall hanging and can't wait to see it finished.