Thursday, February 24, 2022

Belated Postings

I'm behind in posting some of my finishes.
Below is the Riley Blake pillow of the month for February. This comes in a kit, with everything included except the batting and the pillow form. Sew cute!

I made a purse for my hairdresser--one of my SILs requested a purse too. 
This one is a crossbody bag that I love (I have made 2 for myself). Chris picked out the fabrics. After I made the purse, I thought she needed a Diva wallet too. 😊

My 2nd one block wonder from these floral panels (Tivoli Garden) from Wilmington Prints.
Another SIL loved my first OBW so I bought more panels to make her one. Instead of binding Marcia's, I faced it.

Below is the one I made for myself. I bound mine--wish I had learned about facing then, but I'm not giving away my first one. I love it too much.

Here is the panel I used. (It takes 6 panels.)

I fell in love with Susan K. Cleveland's Disappearing Dresdens a couple of years ago and learned about her Piping Hot Piping from a friend. After buying a bunch of Susan's supplies for each, I made my own Disappearing Dresdens with Piping Hot Piping. I had sew many Dresden blades left, that I made another piece and am almost finished with it. Other than having to hand stitch the binding on the back, I really like Susan's method for putting on the piping and binding. Hand stitching isn't the end of the world for me, but I tend to want to do all my binding by machine.

How about some grandkids' pictures?
Here we are with all 6 of them--last weekend was the first time we've all been together since last July.

Hailey and Connor met Sydney for the first time this past weekend.

The 4 bigger girls are behind a gate to keep the dogs out.

That was a great time! Love being with family!


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