Thursday, May 19, 2022

Fun Birds


This is my May project for Crafter's Edge.
The birds are cut from felt using the Crossover II, and I hand stitched them onto a flannel backing to make this wall hanging that is about 12 x 24".

Below are the dies I used from Sue Spargo's special collection of CE dies.

This is the set of dies for Bird #3. The dies are flat and cannot cut you. I am still amazed that they cut fabric, but they do.

A look at my birdies all stitched on their flannel squares.

Here's a closeup so you can see what stitches I used.

Then I had to decide which border to use. I thought I'd use flannel for that part too. I chose the light aqua so that the birds would stand out more.

Then, it's "how do I quilt this?" I ended up using my walking foot and stitching in the ditch around the blocks and then thought it would look nice to use some of those 200 plus decorative stitches on my machine, so that's the border "quilting."

Here's a closer look. The binding is regular quilter's cotton so it wouldn't be so bulky to work with.

I'm pleased to be on the Crafter's Edge design team again for 2022!
Thanks, CE, for allowing me the privilege!

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