Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Halloween in June

 Ok, Halloween is good anytime, right?

I confess that thanks to Carol, Joan, and Carla, I pay a lot more attention to that fun holiday than I did before!

Last year Carla (Creatin' in the Sticks) posted a Halloween tic tac toe "board" and playing pieces.

This is what I made for my June Crafter's Edge project.

The board is actually the orange and black. I laid it on the background so it would show up better and really had intended to crop it, but... oh, well, you get the idea.

I used Crafter's Edge 4.5" die from the set of squares and the 3" circle from the set of circles.
Each die is show on the "board" below. I cut 1" strips for the black. CE has a die for that, and I have used it, but my personal preference is to cut them with my rotary cutter and ruler. I know some on our Design team love those strip dies and you might too!

Here are the orange squares using the square die:

Below are both the set of squares and the circles.
I am still amazed that these dies can cut up to 6 layers of fabric AND that they are flat and not sharp!

I hand stitched all the playing pieces. I guess I stretched them a little out of shape because they don't look like perfect circles anymore.

Time to play! 

Thanks, Crafter's Edge, for these wonderful dies, and Carla, for her terrific pattern!

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