Friday, July 29, 2022

UFO Hop--My Turn


Today I get to share some of my now finished UFOs.
The first one is from earlier this year, but I've had the kit since 2018 when we went to Oregon for a family reunion. I bought this kit in Nampa, ID, at Bluebird Quilt Studio. It is called Paradise Blooms.
Earlier this year I decided to take it to our annual quilt retreat and put the top together there. Then it lay around until I got inspired to quilt it in June, I think.
I love the wildflowers in it that make me think of the West.

Next up are some things my aunt Harriette gave me when she was cleaning out her sewing room (way back in 2014 when a cousin and I each drove from our homes [CO and IL] to sew with Harriette [in KS]). She just didn't want to deal with some of her projects, so, of course, I took them!

This summer I decided it was time to do something with them, so here they are:

This piece is small, maybe 13 x 10" and looks like she used the Reflection pattern by Dragon Lady Quilts. I had been wanting to make one for myself, so after quilting and binding Harriette's project, I made my own (possibly included in another post, but it's not a UFO so doesn't belong here. LOL) I really like this little piece--makes your eyes go wonky, doesn't it?  

Harriette loves to do needle turn applique and takes projects with her everywhere she goes.
This St. Nicholas (I assume that's who this is) is a piece she gave me. I decided to finish it with a simple black binding, quilting it with loops, to hang at Christmas time. St. Nick is only about 8" wide.

Then there is this absolutely stunning piece of applique! I couldn't believe she would want to get rid of it! She even had the purple border around it. All I had to do was quilt and bind it. Thankfully, I had some purple that matched for the binding. This piece is about 14 x 14. I love the different techniques used on some of the flowers!

This is one I posted a few years back, after I finally finished it. Harriette had "inherited" parts of this Thimbleberries BOM from 2006, I believe, and was not interested in doing anything with it. I think 7 blocks were done and there were 8 more to embroider and small pieces of some fabrics too (thankfully, a labeled selvage as well on one piece). I could not find a pattern but did find pictures of the quilt on line and used those pictures to create some of the other blocks. I shopped in many quilt stores until I actually found a bunch of the fabric (this is now 2015 or later) but still had to substitute some fabrics. With pieced centers for the corner blocks and help from a quilter in NY who had extra center pieces that I could embroider, I was finally able to finish the whole thing. 
I quilted a block at a time and then put the whole thing together. It's big, as you can see. Sorry about the lack of cropping--you get to see some of my antique dishes in my hutch!
Harriette said she didn't think about my turning something so dark and undesirable (to her) into something so beautiful!

Well, that's it for this time. Thanks to Joan of Moosestash Quilting for hosting this hop.
They are always so much fun and so inspirational!

Here are today's hoppers:

Friday July 29


  1. Since your Aunt gave you so many UFO's, you had to get those finished or else you might be passing them along to another relative? Nice finishes, Carol! Makes me wonder if your Aunt might want them back after seeing them all finished? LOL! Those wildflowers are so pretty! And your Quilt as You Go quilt turned out beautiful!

  2. Wow, wow, wow, your Aunt had some treasures in her sewing room. She couldn't have picked a better person to give them to. With your finishes on them, they are truly family heirlooms now. I loved Thimbleberry quilts and those dark rich colors. Your wild flower runner is beautiful. What a way to bring a little sunshine into a room! Thanks for playing along this week and inspiring us all!

  3. Congratulations on all your beautiful finishes! You outdid yourself finishing all those up.

  4. Lovely projects! The floral table runner is really beautiful.

  5. Lots of lovely finishes! I love the wild flowers!

  6. Great! What a fantastic thing to finish Aunt Harriette's UFOs. I am especially fond of the 'flowers' one with the purple binding; lucky you that you got to finish it. The Thimbleberries quilt was certainly a labor of love for you and what a wonderful finish. Congrats!

  7. Paradise Blooms is gorgeous and you certainly made your Aunt's UFOs sing! Congrats on all these finishes!

  8. Very pretty and colorful work. Love that you finished your aunt's works.

  9. I love your wildflowers with such beautiful colors. It truly is amazing. You have so many other amazing projects that your finished. I think it is a great thing for you to finish Harriette's things. I am sure she will love them. I made that same Thimbleberry quilt. I did not use the fabric they had suggested for sashing and such. I really like your version with the thin black strip. Great job.

  10. Taking on other people's UFOs adds a whole new level of fun to the piles in the sewing area. I love what you did with your aunt's.

  11. Hi Carol! Great job on finishing Aunt Harriett's UFOs that became your own. I'll bet she is pleased that you got all of these to the finish line! Good job. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Wow! So many UFOs finished for the hop! Well done. I think it’s wonderful that you were able to take some of your Aunt’s unloved projects and finish them in to what will become treasured mementos of her. Thank you for sharing and reminding us that our no longer cared about project can become beautiful, treasured projects to another.

  13. Your runner with the wildflowers is stunning. I am amazed that you have finished so many pieces. That must be a wonderful feeling for you. I need to revisit my UFO's and see if some need to be re-homed. Thanks

  14. Wow - well done on the MANY finishes for the hop!! Good on you finishing your aunt's UFOs. They're all just lovely! Plus your own UFO, the runner is beautiful, too.